Our property management team strives to add value to our clients’ assets through our experience and expertise in the management of room rental and Co-working space,
property investment portfolio and property investment accounting management, tenancy management and property management consultancy. At Spacerent provides
comprehensive and integrated property management solutions on many types of properties including:

1. Residential and commercial properties
2. Corporate offices / Co Working Space

We also provide value-added services in:

1. Lease and accounting management for corporations and absentee owners
2. Tenancy administration for investors
3. Property management advisory (Condition analysis, due diligence audit, operations audit, process improvement study, handover management)

Scope of Services:

1. Management and Leadership

a) Strategy and planning
b) Reporting
c) Communications
d) Customer service
e) Procurement
f) Human resources
g) Emergency preparedness & business continuity
h) Contract management
i) Quality assurance

2. Finance and Budgets

a) Reporting
b) Forecasting
c) Budgeting

Absentee Landlord Services
If you are an owner who has no time to monitor your property, we offer property management services in your absence. Our Absentee Landlord Services will help you to :

Conduct physical inspections on your property on a periodic basis to ensure it is well maintained.
Check and clear your mailbox to filter out all spam/junk mails while attending to the important ones.
Make payments on your behalf for all bills/expenses related to the property.
Identify responsibilities of Landlord and Tenant, and recommend required services accordingly.
Find the right tenant for you, then subsequently collect rent on your behalf.
Market the property for you if you wish to sell or rent it out.